Item Code: #1060
Title: The Ruins of Undermountain
Type: Accessory
Author: Ed Greenwood
Published: 1991
Contents: See below

UNDERMOUNTAIN awaits you: the fabled and feared battleground of the Realms - "The Deepest Dungeon Of Them All."

DARE YOU FACE...miles upon miles of deadly traps, glittering treasures, strange and cryptic rooms, and slithering, skulking, lurking monsters? They await you underneath Waterdeep!

UNDERMOUNTAIN is a dungeon setting for AD&D 2nd Edition campaign play: the oldest, largest, and deadliest dungeon-crawl in the FORGOTTEN REALMS Campaign Setting. It is the place where intrepid adventurers endeavor to become veterans, to win a place among the rich and famous - if they survive its depths. Enter an endless maze where waiting death bears a thousand faces and treasures lie hidden in a thousand places.

It's just the setting for long-running, memorable, great AD&D game play, the perfect locale you'll never forget. So please, come in. Mind your step among the skulls. Oh, yes - good luck - you'll be needing it.

The RUINS OF UNDERMOUNTAIN Campaign Set includes:
  • A 128-page book describing Undermountain, its history, its horrors, and details of the first three levels of the dungeon;
  • A 32-page adventure book for use exclusively with Undermountain and Waterdeep;
  • Four full-color maps of the vast and dangerous dungeon;
  • Eight Monstrous Compendium pages of new monsters; and
  • Eight durable cards loaded with traps, treasures, and trinkets to fill your dungeons.
Designed by Ed Greenwood

Piece CodeTitle/DescriptionFormat
1060XXX1901Campaign Guide to Undermountain128-page perfect bound book
1060XXX1902Undermountain Adventures32-page book
Nadrun's Magical Doors5.5" x 8.5" cardstock page
"Dungeon Dressing" Tables5.5" x 8.5" cardstock page
Undermountain Treasure Tables5.5" x 8.5" cardstock page
PIT TRAPS: Card I of III5.5" x 8.5" cardstock page
PIT TRAPS: Card II of III5.5" x 8.5" cardstock page
PIT TRAPS: Card III of III5.5" x 8.5" cardstock page
Smash Traps5.5" x 8.5" cardstock page
Snares and Lures5.5" x 8.5" cardstock page
1060XXX0701The Ruins of Undermountain Level 121" x 31.5" single-sided poster map
1060XXX0702The Ruins of Undermountain Level 221" x 31.5" single-sided poster map
1060XXX0703The Ruins of Undermountain Level 3 - North21" x 31.5" single-sided poster map
1060XXX0704The Ruins of Undermountain Level 3 - South21" x 31.5" single-sided poster map
Beholder5-hole punched Monstrous Compendium page
Beholder-kin5-hole punched Monstrous Compendium page
Darktentacles5-hole punched Monstrous Compendium page
Ibrandlin5-hole punched Monstrous Compendium page
Scaladar5-hole punched Monstrous Compendium page
Sharn / Slithermorph5-hole punched Monstrous Compendium page
Snakes, Flying / Steel Shadow5-hole punched Monstrous Compendium page
Watchghost5-hole punched Monstrous Compendium page

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