Item Code: #9524
Title: Volo's Guide to the Dalelands
Type: Accessory
Author: Ed Greenwood
Published: 1996
Format: 240-page perfect-bound book
Behold the newest, brightest, and perhaps best travel guide by the world-walking, all-seeing Volo! Fresh from recounting the splendors of Cormyr, the Forest Kingdom, and circumnavigating all of Toril in a bold and wondrous adventure that none have equaled for its haste and humor, the tireless Volo has come at last to the beautiful Dales of the Dragonreach in the Heartlands of the Realms and set forth his florid account of things to see, things to do... and things to avoid. Many of the finest establishments and most striking sites and landmarks of the Dales are featured here, ranked with the handy coin, dagger, pipe, and tankard rating system. Volo has identified the best and the worst, so you need waste no precious time nor coins of your own to discovering just which attraction best suits your taste.

Where to find caverns whose walls sparkle with gems.
The way into the tombs of the Twelve Dancing Wizards - and why they dance.
The curse that lies on several barrow tombs and why it was laid.
Where one might find the Talking Bone and what it does.
Why it is best not to move any of the Chessmen of Valsprendar.
Where to find a door that opens into a room halfway across Faerūn - and why it should be used only with extreme caution.

Suitable for all levels of play.

Special Note: This edition of Volo's Guide to the Dalelands, intended for travelers from beyond the borders of Faerūn, contains notes, commentary, and substantial revisions by the famous sage and archmage Elminster of Shadowdale.

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