Item Code: #11413
Title: Against the Giants: The Liberation of Geoff
Type: Adventure
Author: Sean K. Reynolds
Published: 1999
Format: 96-page perfect-bound book
A ravaged land...
Villains that really are larger than life...
A time for heroes...

A decade ago, the land of Geoff was overrun by a horde of giants, ogres, and evil humanoids, its people either slain, enslaved, or driven into exile. Now at last the tide has turned. The time to free the people of Geoff from their servitude to the giantish tyrants has come! But don't forget to watch your step when you confront the true masters behind the giant clans1

Contains the full text of three classic adventures by Gary Gygax: G1, Steading of the Hill Giant Chief; G2, The Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl; and G3, Hall of the Fire Giant King.

Details eighteen new encounter sites in the war-torn land of Geoff, linked together to form a grand campaign.

Provides dozens of hours of gameplay as the heroes struggle to free an entire country from the grasp of giant overlords.

An epic adventure for characters of all levels

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