Item Code: #1068
Title: Wars
Type: Accessory
Published: 1991
Format: 32-page book, 8-page book, 18 cardstock pages of cards (162 total), 4 heavy cardstock pages of counters (416 total), 2 fold-out maps
From the mad Malachite throne in Rauxes to the bejeweled city of Chendl in Furyondy, the Flanaess is at war! In the east, Overking Ivid V thirsts for conquest. Vatun, Great God of the North, meanwhile unites the barbarians and Fists into a fearsome sorce. Not to be outdone, the dread Iuz masses humanoids and fiends in the northwest. And the Scarlet Brotherhood in the south hangs over all the Flanaess, pulling the strings of war like a mad puppeteer.

Take command of the armies yourself and change the dark course of history! Between two and six players can battle, deciding the Flanaess's fate in diplomacy and war, and leading armies and heroes across two full-color maps. Muster your armies from over 300 counters, ranging from light infantry to dragons - with your favorite demi-humans and monsters as well! With over 150 cards, you can search for treasure or mercenaries and receive the gods' blessing (or curse) through special events. When the battle comes - the times that try the souls of all - you'll want your armies backed with the wisdom contained within the 32-page history of the actual war. The boxed set also includes an easy-to-read 8-page book of rules, with optional advanced rules for hard-core wargamers.

The Flanaess awaits a heroic deliverer - or an oppressive overlord! Which will you be?

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