Item Code: #9360 (WGR2)
Title: Treasure of Greyhawk
Type: Adventure
Published: 1992
Format: 96-page book

From lost settlements on the wild shores of the Amedio Jungle to a dragon's lair in the Crystalmist Mountains, this new anthology of AD&D adventures has something for every adventurer.
Search for the fabled jewel, the Eye of Nur Dav, or seek a powerful magical item like the Helm of Selnor. You must be on your guard, however, for each of these adventures is designed to test the mettle of the experienced adventurer.
So, wheter you wish to pay a visit to the archmage Bigby's humble abode, search the tombs in the Cairn Hills, or pass the time of day riddling with a sphinx, these forays into the WORLD OF GREYHAWK setting will be a challenge for parties of venturesome players, who either excel at role-playing, combat, and puzzle-solving, or who wish to.
Who knows, you might even win the Treasures of Greyhawk.

Short Sessions
Each adventure perfect for an evening's adventuring.

Flexible Plots
Mix-'n-match several plots for epic adventures. You can even adapt them to another campaign world!

Challenging Adventures
The bold may inquire within.


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