Item Code: #9317 (WGS1)
Title: Five Shall Be One
Type: Adventure
Author: Carl Sargent
Published: 1991
Format: 64-page book w/tri-fold cover, fold-out map
Adventure in the World of Greyhawk!

Powerful forces are set in motion as your party searches for the legendary Blades of Corusk. Take them on the perilous journey from Rookroost to the Lair of the Shadow Dragon in the frozen northlands. Will they survive the ramifications of events that they have initiated? Those who hold the magical blades will not easily give them up. Plucking them from the grasp of a jealous dragon or stealing them from the center of the subterrean City of the Orc Horde will strain your adventurers to their limits!

Designed to be played alone or with adventure WGS2, A Howl from the North, Five Shall Be One is suitable for four to eight players who are 7th to 10th level.

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