Item Code: #9332 (HWR1)
Title: Sons of Azca
Type: Accessory
Author: John Nephew
Published: 1991
Format: 64-page book, 32-page book, tri-fold cover, fold-out map

In the Hollow World, one civilization above all
others is known as the fiercest, most dangerous race,
to be avoided as much as possible: the Azcans.
Are they truly cannibals, given to performing sacrifices
as entertainment? Is their architecture really some of the
most extraordinary in all the Hollow World? Is there any truth
to the rumor that there is some connection between the Azcans
and the outer world tribes of the Atruaghin Clans? Are there any
pleasant qualities about this warrior race?

Read the book, and find out for yourself.

The HOLLOW WORLD boxed set is required for use with this accessory.

This product includes a 64-page DM's booklet with a pullout section
especially for players, a 32-page campaign booklet to get you started
in an Azcan-centered setting, and a full-color poster map of the Az-
can lands.

Sons of Azca expands and builds on material presented in
the Blood Brethren trilogy of adventures: Nightwail,
and Nightstorm.

Watch for the second cultural accessory for
the HOLLOW WORLD, Kingdom of Nithia,
coming this fall!

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