Item Code: #K&C1112
Title: The Fate of Heroes
Type: Adventure
For: 5th-6th level characters
Author: D. Andrew Ferguson, Brian Jelke, Mark Plemmons and Jarrett Sulvestre
Published: 2002
Format: 32-page book

In the world of Tellene, Pagari the Fate Scribe is the mighty goddess of prophesy, time and fate. Over the years, the Prophets, as her clergy is called, have built temples and churches throughout Tellene. One such sanctuary in the Kakidela Mountains is rumored to hold dangerous secrets in the catacombs below. Now the reclusive clerics appear to be abducting innocent people. Can the PCs find out what is going on there and will they be the ones to fulfill the Fate of Heroes?

This accessory provides a role-playing adventure for use individually or as part of an ongoing campaign. It details hooks to draw the player characters in, as well as many rumors that could lead to other Kingdoms of Kalamar adventures.

Like all Kenzer & Company products, this exciting adventure was designed with the Dungeon Master in mind. From the convenient layout and clever story to the detailed and accurate creature statistics, this adventure will be a pleasure to run. We prepare all the details so you can spend less time flipping pages and more time gaming. Being a DM has never been so easy, or so much fun! Here's some of what you get:

ImageQUEST Adventure Illustrator
"Because a picture is worth 1000 words."
ImageQUEST is the picture book that gamers love. Now DMs can not only read the boxed text, they can actually show it to the players.

  • D10,000 random encounter tables for the Kakapela Hills and Kakidela Moutains.
  • Two cool Player's Aid handouts that look like real parchment.
All done in the quality you've come to expect of Kenzer & Company.

To use this adventure, a Dungeon Master also needs the Player's Handbook, the DUNGEON MASTER'S Guide, and the Monster Manual. We also recommend the use of the KINGDOMS OF KALAMAR Campaign Setting Sourcebook and the KINGDOMS OF KALAMAR Player's Guide.

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