Item Code: #K&C1015
Title: Loona: Port of Intrigue
Type: Accessory
Author: Ed Greenwood and Phil Thompson
Published: 2004
Format: 96-page perfect-bound book
From the pen of Ed Greenwood, one of the most celebrated D&D writers of all time, flows this richly detailed setting port town for D&D campaign play.

Enter this ramshackle, lawless chaos where sailors brawl, the unsavory lurk, and death comes quietly in the night. Beware the diabolical conspiracies, dark religions, and seedy merchant cabals, as you become tangled in the webs of intrigue that run through this colorful port town. Join fully developed guilds and societies, and side with prominent powers and enigmas, or ready your weapons and attempt to explore the town on your own. But beware - sometimes the local rumors are even more terrifying than they appear, and death is only one dark alley away. Welcome to Loona, adventurers.
Loona is the trade center of the nearby city of Geanavue: the Stones of Peace - but the politics and alliances of this den of thieves are even more dangerous for the unwary. Loona can be used either as a 'home base' or simply as a stopover in your campaign. From the salty Dock District to the Bowery to the better-kept Master's District and all those in between, this sourcebook presents a firm foundation for years of adventure.

Like all Kenzer and Company products, this supplement was designed with the Dungeon Master in mind. We prepare all the details so you can spend less time flipping pages and more time gaming. Being a DM has never been so easy, or so much fun! Here's some of what you get:

  • 96 pages of useful background, maps, rumors, adventure hooks, a full glossary, artwork and campaign details: no fluff!
  • Over 100 NPC profiles and statistics, including all of the major players in town, and most of the minor ones.
  • Loona also comes packed with nearly 100,000 words detailing inns, taverns, guilds, nobles and more, as well as a beautiful 2-sided poster-sized map of Loona and the surrounding countryside.
All done in the quality you've come to expect of Kenzer and Company.

Although easily converted for use in any campaign setting, this book is designed for the KINGDOMS OF KALAMAR DUNGEONS & DRAGONS campaign setting - a realistic, dynamic world where complex political alliances mix with marauding bands of humanoids, and medieval technology and culture come face to face with magic and the fantastic. Whatever type of adventure you seek, you can find it here.
To use this campaign supplement in a DUNGEONS & DRAGONS campaign, you also need a copy of the PLAYER'S HANDBOOK, the DUNGEON MASTER'S GUIDE, and the MONSTER MANUAL. You can also find further detail on the KINGDOMS OF KALAMAR campaign setting in the Kingdoms of Kalamar Campaign Setting Sourcebook, the KINGDOMS OF KALAMAR Player's Guide and the city supplement for Geanavue: the Stones of Peace.

This product was originally solicited under the title The Shadows of Loona.

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