Item Code: #K&C1109
Title: Lands of Mystery
Type: Adventure anthology
For: 1st-8th level characters
Published: 2002
Format: 80-page perfect-bound book
Beware the dark embrace of evil...

The shadowed streets and alleys of the City of Rogues echo with cries of terror... cries that herald the arrival of an evil cult and the terrible beast they worship. A small village becomes the focus of strange kidnappings, warrin magical creatures, and a magical treasure hidden beneath a long-abandoned barrow mound. A northern logging community fights a desperate battle against pestilence and plague, a dangerous tribe of orcs, and a wronged enemy from the past. A hobgoblin host enters the lands of the Free City of Bronish, and the call goes out to their gold dragon protector. But he does not answer...

This accessory provides four distinct role-playing adventures for use seperately or as part of an ongoing campaign. Each adventure includes hooks to draw the player characters in, as well as suggestions on how to tie each adventure into other Kingdoms of Kalamar adventures.

The Lands of Mystery fantasy game supplement and adventure is an official 3rd Edition translation of four adventure supplements previously published as the Sirocco's Kiss, In Too Deep, Night of the Rotlord and Unguarded Hoard.

Like all Kenzer & Company products, this adventure was designed with the Dungeon Master in mind. We prepare all the details so you can spend less time flipping pages and more time gaming. Being a DM has never been so easy, or so much fun! Here's some of what you get:

ImageQUEST Adventure Illustrator
"Because a picture is worth 1000 words."
ImageQUEST is the picture book that gamers love. Now DMs can not only read the boxed text, they can actually show it to the players.

80 pages of useful background, NPC profiles, maps, encounter tables, a full glossary, artwork and adventure details; no fluff!

Player aids and handouts that your group is sure to enjoy.
Details on the history and legends of the areas of Tellene the players will be exploring.
Includes 9 detailed taverns and inns, 7 new monsters, 6 detailed temples, 4 new spells, new magic items and poisons, 2 challenging riddles, 8 diseases, jump-start rules for underwater adventuring and a full campaign backdrop for the Free City of Bronish, all for D&D 3E!

All done in the quality you've come to expect from Kenzer & Company.

To use this adventure, a Dungeon Master also needs the Player's Handbook, the DUNGEON MASTER'S Guide, and the Monster Manual. We also recommend the use of the KINGDOMS OF KALAMAR Campaign Setting Sourcebook.

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