Item Code: #K&C1004
Title: Villain Design Handbook
Type: Accessory
Author: D. Andrew Ferguson, Brian Jelke, Don Morgan, Mark Plemmons, Jarrett Sylvestre
Published: 2002
Format: 176-page perfect-bound book
Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

This is it -- the ultimate guide to designing the perfect NPC villain or scoundrel player character and a must have for any player or Dungeon Master in a Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign. This book is loaded with new Dungeons & Dragons material including:

  • Step-by-step guide to villain design
  • Seven prestige classes
  • Twenty-four new villainous feats
  • New rules for anti-feats
  • New vicious combat options
  • New evil spells
  • New wicked magic items
  • New monsters and undead templates
Additionally, this tome includes information on: breaking stereotypes; detailing the villain's motivations, obsessions, goals and schemes; and choosing the villain's alignment (and why good-aligned villains are not only possible, but plausible). Detailed emotional archetypes, suggestions for villains and experience, supernatural villains, familiars and many different types of villianous organizations (including assassins' guilds, black marketeers, raiders and more) give the Dungeon Master, or the evil player character, a wide variety of new ideas and role-playing insight.

Furthermore, Dungeon Masters will have an abundance of information at their fingertips with which to customize any campaign setting. All officially-sanctioned, this Kingdoms of Kalamar product is fully compatible with D&D. You can make use of the many features of this book in your Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign or any other d20 campaign world. New information on summoning outer planar creatures, becoming undead, hiring henchmen and lackeys or building a lair easily ports into ANY D&D campaign. An abundant source of Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign Dungeons & Dragons material of the high quality you have come to expect from Kenzer and Company, this is one product you do not want to miss.

Remember, great heroes need even better villains.

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