Item Code: #9522
Title: Eye of Pain
Type: Adventure
Author: Thomas M. Reid
Published: 1996
Format: 32-page book w/cover
Inside the woods near Burke's Crossing lurks a very real danger. It began as a sense of unease, a feeling of being watched. But now people are disappearing. The lumberjacks who have stayed in the little village talk of ghosts and other superstitions. Or at least they did - until a mysterious statue appeared in a clearing near the logging camp.

As if matters weren't strange enough, two mages have arrived and begun hiring armed guards to escort them into these very same woods. Is there a connection, or is it just coincidence? Either way, be prepared! You never know what's out there waiting...and watching.

Eye of Pain is the first of three MONSTROUS ARCANA adventures featuring the cunning and deadly beholder. It can be played as an individual adventure or as part of the series which continues in Eye of Doom and concludes in Eye to Eye.

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