Item Code: #9569
Title: The Illithiad
Type: Accessory
Author: Bruce R. Cordell
Published: 1998
Format: 96-page perfect-bound book
Hungry Tendrils Stir in the Dark...

"Something's back there!" he screamed!

I turned to look, and behold the incarnation of my fear staring back.

A robed figure stood just out of the light, but I could see just enough to make out a misshapen head from which depended a writhing, coiling cluster of slick tentacles.

As I opened my mouth to give warning of the true enemy, I felt a scratch across the surface of my mind....

The Illithiad
is a visually stunning tome that details important information on mind flayers, their mental powers, and their dire plans to control the multiverse.

This "complete book of illithids" covers:

The anatomy and physiology of the mind flayer.
The terrible truth about the mind flayers life cycle.
Illithid-kin, undead mind flayers, and new 'flayer-kin monsters.
A balanced look at illithid psionic powers.
Illithid origins, history, theology, psychology, and society.
A detailed description of a typical mind flayer community.
Unique mind flayer psionic abilities and items.

The Illithiad is the third volume in the popular MONSTROUS ARCANA game accessory series and is indispensable to DMs who want to add these terrifying creatures to their campaigns. The Illithiad supports the mind flayer adventure trilogy: A Darkness Gathering, Masters of Eternal Night, and Dawn of the Overmind.

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