Item Code: #2512
Title: Dungeon Master Survival Kit
Type: Accessory
Author: Steven Schend
Published: 1995
Format: 2 16-page books, 24 accessory sheets, 6 cardstock sheets (54 cards total), cover
With the new DUNGEON MASTER Survival Kit, the amazing world of Mystara will take on new life right before your eyes!

Whether you're an experienced Dungeon Master or a novice taking his first steps on the road to adventure, the DUNGEON MASTER Survival Kit will make your campaign more exciting and dramatic than ever!

Within this unusual product you'll find...

Two dozen loose sheets covered with a wide array of forms, charts, and handouts designed to make the DM's job easier and his games more exciting.
A special deck of cards that introduces over 20 new magical items to the MYSTARA campaign. Plus, DM's will find a copy of the Deck of Spheres, a new artifact that may well be the most powerful magical item in the Known World.
A 16-page booklet of DM's information that includes information about the languages of Mystara and tips on making better, more exciting maps.
A full-color, 16-page Campaign Log that allows the DM to keep track of the highlights of his campaign.

Master the world of Mystara with the DUNGEON MASTER Survival Kit!

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