Item Code: #2510
Title: Player's Survival Kit
Type: Accessory
Author: John D. Rateliff
Published: 1995
Format: 2 16-page books, 24 accessory sheets, 6 cardstock card sheets (54 cards total), cover
At last! Everything you need to breathe life into your
player character!

Herein lies a treasure trove of game props and playing aids no bold adventurer can afford to be without! Whether you're trying to choose the perfect name for your first character, designing a shield for your favorite fighter, or just trying to remember who's carrying the magical broad sword, the Player's Survival Kit has what you need.

Inside you'll discover...

a 16-page full-color Character Book that includes a "Dictionary of Names" (with more than a thousand names to choose from) and "Heraldry Made Easy" (simple instructions to create your own heraldic designs)
a 16-page full-color Adventurer's Log to keep track of monsters slain, treasures gained, and mysteries yet to be solved
24 handouts, including spell lists for specialty wizards, a complete system for rolling up a character's family, letters of credit, diplomas, an advertisement for henchmen, and the character's last will & testament (don't go adventuring without it!)
A deck of 54 "Fame & Fortune" cards designed to help player characters get out of sticky situations.

Explore the world of Mystara with your handy Survival Kit
at your side...

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