Item Code: #759
Title: Demons II
Type: Accessory
Author: Kevin Hassall
Published: 1993
Format: 96-page book, 48-page book, 32-page book, 8-page player handout, reference sheet
In Demons, you met the lords of the Infernus. Now learn the dark secrets of these evil fiends, their methods most foul and how they taint the world of mortals. Learn too, how they might be sought out and destroyed.
The world has faced no greater threat than the palpable evil that is... Demons!

The Demons II sourcpack includes:
  • An 80 page game master's book detailing how demons act and how they taint the world around them;
  • A 48 page book of demonic adventures;
  • The 32 page "Razor of Righteousness", a tome which discusses how demon may be recognized, hunted and eradicated;
  • The "History of the Endeavor", a book of notes describing the Cabal, a brotherhood of ambitious thaumaturgists;
  • A new character class, the Inquisitor, his habits and techniques;
  • Expanded information on Slayers, Thaumaturgists and half-demons;
  • Descriptions of the Gates, the demons' pathways to the plane prime;
  • Information on the ways of the demon-worshipping cults;
  • Dozens of demon-wrought magic items and adventure inspirations!

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