Item Code: #767
Title: Denizens of Diannor
Type: Accessory
Author: Loren Coleman, Bruce Harlick, Steve Kenson, Dave Panchyk and Brian Schoner
Published: 1993
Format: 27 loose 5-hole punched pages, cardstock divider, cover
"...I had viewed so many unclean and unexpected sights as I plumbed the realms of the Infernus, that I was taken aback when at last I saw what I had been expecting all along. Here was the epitome of the hell which mother threatened their children with."
-an excerpt from Lord Pliney's Aurorus Tempus


The DENIZENS OF DIANNOR monster folio contains complete information on the searing denizens of this demi-plane: the demons of the Infernal Order of the Blood. Included in this pack are dozens of demon lords: the Governors, Generals and Marshals of Diannor and their minions.
DENIZENS OF DIANNOR can be used alongside DEMONS, DEMONS II and SENTINELS, or it can be used alone to provide numerous evil adversaries for your characters.

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