Item Code: #710
Title: Fez II: The Contract
Type: Adventure
For: 4-8 characters, levels 3-8
Author: James Robert and Len Bland
Published: 1983
Format: 40-page book
The wizard Fez has faith in the abilities of adventurers. But Mephistopheles isn't as confident. So a pact was made between the wizard and the demon. As each bargained madly to outdo the other's bet, Fez was trapped in a magical sleep. More than just a wizard's pact is at stake as you strive to accomplish the seven "impossible" tasks.

FEZ II is an module which will challenge your ability to overcome dangers, solver problems, and adjust quickly to the unexpected. It was the wizard Fez that made the deal with the demon, but it is you who must make good on...


FEZ II: THE CONTRACT, is a fantasy roleplaying module for four to eight players from third to eighth skill level. Suitable for use with all popular roleplaying systems including Advanced Dungeons and Dragons*

* Advanced Dungeons & Dragons is a trademark of TSR Hobbies, Inc. Use of this trademark is NOT sanctioned by the holder.

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