Item Code: #743
Title: Fez V: Wizard's Betrayal
Type: Adventure
For: 4-8 characters, levels 4-8
Author: James Robert and Len Bland
Published: 1987
Format: 32-page book
Aliens have landed at Half-Mile Plateau.
Fez's entire world is in danger.
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Fez, the Wizard of Time Travel, is a prisoner within an alien spacecraft. All three of his servants have betrayed him. Alone and trapped, he bravely fights for Time.

Set Fez free to save his world!

Fez V: Wizard's Betrayal includes user-friendly Player Characters from a technological world, including the Orbion from across the galaxy.

Wizard's Betrayal stars Fez. It is the fifth adventure in the six-part series that includes "The Contract" and "Wizard's Revenge".

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