Item Code: #745
Title: Fez VI: Wizard's Dilemma
Type: Adventure
Author: Robert Moore and James Robert
Published: 1989
Format: 32-page book
Mountains move hundreds of miles overnight!
Fez placed in mortal danger!
Sentient bed chased by metal-eating monster!

midst an already-strange world which has been turned inside-out, Fez, the Wizard of Time Travel, face the ultimate choice: cease to exist and set the universe right, or seek his long-lost daughter and allow the universe to destroy itself. You are Fez's only hope for survival! Only by fulfilling a set of ancient prophecies can you enable the wizard to remain alive and be united with his child.

Fez VI: Wizard's Dilemma is the sixth and final chapter in the unique and popular Fez series, which places you in situations never before experienced by fantasy role-players. In a universe where anything is possible, you can meet talking mice, appear on a game show, be harassed by a smart aleck minah bird, and even serve on a jury while one of the Fez authors appears as a gorilla and is brought to trial!

Each of the Fez adventures can be played by itself or in sequence with the other Fez modules which include: Wizard's Vale, The Contract, Angry Wizard, Wizard's Revenge, and Wizard's Betrayal. Fez VI: Wizard's Dilemma includes these special items: Singing Sword, Staff of Balance, the Lich's Staff, as well as information for the use of blasters. This adventure is for 4-6 Player Characters of Skill levels 4 to 6.

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