Item Code: #744
Title: Giants
Type: Accessory
Author: Bruce Humphrey
Published: 1987
Format: 96-page perfect-bound book
Their names are whispered by the bravest souls.

Their powers can create wonderous arts... or destroy entire civilizations.

They are the foundations of lore... the stuff of legends.

They are GIANTS.

Created for use as a self-contained reference work, GIANTS is an all-new compilation covering Giant Histories, Societies, Magics, and Pets and Allies, as well as including listings of Giant Runes, magic spells, magic items, and a complete setting of the Giants' city, Clanfast, for a Gamemaster-designed adventure.

GIANTS contains complete statistics and background material on Chaos, Dwarven, Fire, Forest, Frost, Hill, Sea, Stone, Storm, and Two-Headed Giants, along with sections on the renowned Titans and the notorious Death Giant.

It is excellent/To have a Giant's strength;
But it is tyrannous/To use it like a Giant.

William Shakespeare - Measure for Measure, II, ii, 107

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