Item Code: #753
Title: To Hell and Back
Type: Accessory
Author: Nigel Findley
Published: 1993
Format: 80-page book, 64-page book, 20 5-hole-punched accessory sheets, 5 2-page maps
No new worlds to conquer?
Look no further.
To Hell and Back contains an atlas of the fantastic realms of classic literature for your characters to explore.
Choose from five different worlds:

  • Atlantis, the legendary lost continent, where power hungry lords plot the conquest of the surface world.
  • The mist-shrouded isle of Avalon, where the priestesses of the mother-goddess hold secrets mortal man was not meant to know.
  • Faerie, home of the mischevious sylvan races and their ancient enemies, the goblin tribes.
  • The eight pits of Dante's Inferno, where the damned are consigned to eternal torment befitting their sins.
  • Selene, city of eternal twilight where vampire lords rule and humans are mere cattle for their unnatural hunger.
To Hell and Back includes:

  • 38 pages of hole-punched statistic sheets describing creatures from each of the five realms.
  • An 80 page atlas of the realms of Atlantis, Avalon, Faerie and Selene featuring new player-character races, character classes, magic items and spells.
  • A 64 page guide to Dante's Inferno, featuring a complete adventure that takes a party of adventurers to hell and back.
  • Fold-out maps of the five realms.

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