Item Code: #748
Title: Lizardmen
Type: Accessory
Author: William Tracy
Published: 1991
Format: 128-page perfect-bound book
once controlled
an entire continent.

and other races feared they
would conquer the world.

attempted to eliminate
the lizardman race.

But the lizardman god, Surtak, saw to it that many survived. Now, seven distinct tribal nations exist across the world: the Marsh Runners, the Plains Nomads, the Desert Riders, the Lizardmen of Tek, the Tundra Lizardmen, the Mad Lizardmen of Pang-Leng, and the Twilight Jungle Lizardmen are flourishing and propagating to this day.
Lizardmen is a 128-page sourcebook/adventure detailing the history, physiology, culture, religion, new weapons, items, and spells, Character classes, and the daily life of each tribal nation. The adventure, entitled Redemption and Rebirth, is for 5-7 Player Characters and Skill Levels 6 to 8, and features Lizarman PCs, detailed maps of the ancient city of the lizardmen, and game-related information to complete your campaign setting.

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