Item Code: #724
Title: Monsters of Myth and Legend
Type: Accessory
Author: Greg Gorden and Neil Randall
Published: 2nd print - 1986(?)
Format: 96-page perfect-bound book
Monsters of Myth and Legend is a source book filled with the creatures that have appeared in the myths, fables, and legends of the world's cultures. Accurately recreated from historic sources, every creature's description contains a detailed background of the myth from which it sprang, an illustration of the creature, and all the necessary information to include each creature into any campaign or dungeon.
You can easily fit any beast in Monsters of Myth and Legend into your campaign in a manner consistent with its own mythos and allowing a true insight into the creature's nature.
Contained in this volume are the monsters of the:
American Indian
Australian Aborigine
and Norse mythologies

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