Item Code: #763
Title: Denizens of Og
Type: Accessory
Author: Mike Nystul
Published: 1993
Format: 27 loose 5-hole-punched pages, cardstock divider, cover
"...the scope of the blasphemous insult commited by Infernal Rubbibat against the persons of the gods was staggering. Spewed out before me was a most hideous simulation of the divine houses, twisted into fomenting mockeries. It occurred to me with a chill, that the Unclean Hosts of this region would one day pay for their audacity..."
-an excerpt from Lord Pliney's Auroras Tempus


The DENIZENS OF OG monster folio contains complete information on the Unclean Host of this twisted demi-plane. Included in this pack are dozens of demon lords: the Governors, Generals and Marshals of Og and their minions.

DENIZENS OF OG can be used alongside DEMONS, DEMONS II and SENTINELS, or it can be used alone to provide numerous evil adversaries for your characters.

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