Item Code: #750
Title: A Portal to Adventure
Type: Accessory
Published: 1992
Format: 128-page perfect-bound book
Wouldn't you know it!

You spent hours preparing for a session only to have your players decide they want to explore an area you didn't flesh out.
There you sit with a really great dungeon while the characters wander into some stable in the neighboring town or a cave for forgot you put on the map.
All those hours of preparation, and here you are winging it.

Help is on the way!

A Portal to Adventure is a sourcebook that supplies the Game Master with people, places and things to fill in the gaps of his campaign.
Don't settle for "generic" filler - every encounter is special, with enough character and detail to satisfy the most demanding gamers.

Get your adventure back on track and get your players into the action with A Portal to Adventure!

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