Item Code: #717
Title: Shadows of Evil
Type: Adventure
For: 3-6 characters, levels 4-7
Author: Stephen R. Bourne
Published: 1984
Format: 90-page perfect-bound book
"It was a scream I would not want to hear twice."

It was one of those missions that you instinctively knew would be trouble; one that will lead to a lot of blood spilled - yours. And it didn't help to have the villagers spreading rumors and making up stories. Sometimes being in the service of a Druid is not healthy, for even while the sun shines bright, you're led into the

Shadows of Evil

Shadows of Evil is designed for three to six characters from fourth to seventh level and is suitable for use with all popular roleplaying systems including Advanced Dungeons and Dragons*.

* Advanced Dungeons & Dragons is a trademark of TSR Hobbies, Inc. Use of this trademark is NOT sanctioned by the holder.

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