Item Code: #715
Title: Swordthrust
Type: Adventure
For: 3-6 characters, levels 3-7
Author: Sam Shirley and Daniel Greenberg
Published: 1984
Format: 40-page book
Sometimes, your gate hangs upon a spell.
Other times it's determined by a riddle
Occasionally, it depends upon sheer luck
And often fate rests on a well delivered


he Wizard Morlean hired you to transport a minor relic across the Chatar mountains. Amidst the windswept glaciers you find an evil cult, an ancient myth, treasure filled caverns, and great danger. You will need every ounce of all your adventuring skills, sound judgement, and luck to survive among the glittering walls of ice.

SWORDTHRUST is a fantasy roleplaying module for three to six players from three to seventh level. Suitable for use with all populat roleplaying systems including Advanced Dungeons and Dragons*

*Advanced Dungeons & Dragons is a trademark of TSR Hobbies, Inc. Use of this trademark is NOT sanctioned by the holder.

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