Item Code: #755
Title: Denizens of Vecheron
Type: Accessory
Author: Mike Nystul
Published: 1993
Format: 32 loose five-hole-punched pages, cardstock divider, "Demons" flyer, cover
"...then came Vecheron and its multitudinous infernal islands. Surrounded by the Six Seas of Sorrow, the demi-plane of back-stabbers and blasphemers stretches far out beyond the limits of the human eye and into a blanket of cold mists. Ahead, I could hear the call of the malicious Leviathans that ply the stagnant seas in search of unwary travelers and demonlings."
-an excerpt from Lord Pliny's Auroras Tempus


The DENIZENS OF VECHERON monster folio contains complete descriptions of more than 50 demon princes and infernal beasts designed for easy integration into any existing fantasy setting. Creatures covered range from Nibbubbar, the fearsome Demon of Endless Bound, to the Garam, sentient infernal islands that wander the Seas of Sorrow.

Although this product is an add-on to our best selling DEMONS Sourcepack, ownership of DEMONS is not necessary for play.

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