Item Code: #6060 (R1)
Title: To the Aid of Falx
Type: Adventure
Author: Frank Mentzer
Published: 1982
Format: 16 page book w/cover
Falx, a silver dragon and nephew of old Bahamut himself, has a problem. He needs a hardy band of adventurers to explore some caverns near his lair, for the dark powers lurking therein have stolen five potions - of silver dragon control! Can you penetrate the dangerous complex without triggering the alarms, to find and destroy all the potions before sundown?
This is the first of the RPGA series of modules. Each RPGA module has been used at an official Gen Con tournament and has been designed to provide maximum entertainment. To the Aid of Falx is usable in campaign or tournament play, and may be scored by points or using the RPGA Tournament system. This adventure is designed for a balanced party of 5-8 characters of levels 5-9, and 6 tournament characters are provided, along with standard and isometric maps, scenario and character background information, and detailed encounter descriptions for the DM.

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