Item Code: #6064 (RPGA1)
Title: Rahasia
Type: Adventure
Author: Tracy & Laura Hickman
Published: 1983
Format: 16-page book w/cover
The elvenmaid Rahasia is in dire peril. An outsider, the evil human Rahib, is trying to force her to come away with him against her will. To this end, he has taken over the Temple of the Sacred Black Rock. He has placed the elves who tend it under a terrible curse, and lured both Rahasia's father and her betrothed into his hands. You are her last hope. Can you brave the dangers of the Temple, break the curse, and capture Rahib before he brings ruin upon all?
This is the first of a line of RPGA modules dealing with general adventures using TSR game systems. It is a D&D Basic Adventure for a balanced party of 5-8 characters of levels 1-2. The module includes background information, maps of the temple complex, a set of pre-rolled characters, and detailed encounter information for the DM.

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