Item Code: #6067 (RPGA4)
Title: The Elixir of Life
Type: Adventure
Author: Bob Blake
Published: 1983
Format: 16-page book w/cover
The Kingdom of Pellham is in danger. Only the return of the great King Llywelyn can solves the realm's problems and satisfy the people. Many arduous tasks must be performed before the great king can be resurrected - tasks YOU have been chosen to undertake. You must solves arcane mysteries and overcome dire perils to accomplish your quest. Are you equal to the challenges you face?
The Elxir of Life is the second in a series of RPGA modules concerning the Prophecy of Brie. The module contains two AD&D adventures for 6-10 characters, levels 4-7. The module was originally run as part of a tournament at the GEN CON XVI Convention. It contains two wilderness adventures, background information, maps and detailed encounter keys.

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