Item Code: #2504
Title: Red Steel Campaign Expansion
Type: Accessory
Published: 1994
Red steel.
An extraordinary metal lighter than common steel,
and more precious than gold.
The object of quests and the cause of war.
Only one place holds this treasure: the Savage Coast.
This grand frontier is also home to the Red Curse, an ancient bane that hideously deforms some victims, while mysteriously granting powers to others. Here, player characters can acquire wondrous abilities, even as they seek to garner red steel, the key to power and fame!

Inside this box you'll find:

  • Two books totalling 160 pages, with everything you need to play exotic new character races, use the powers of the Red Curse, and explore the war-torn nations of the Savage Coast.
  • Three full-color poster maps.
  • An audio compact disc featuring background music to enhance any adventure. Created especially for the RED STEEL campaign, this CD contains 13 original compositions that can take you from a storm-tossed sea to a suspense-filled dungeons - over 60 minutes of music and sound effects in all, plus an audio drama to introduce the setting.

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