Item Code: #11382
Title: Carnival
Type: Accessory
Author: John W. Magnum & Steve Miller
Published: 1999
Format: 64-page perfect-bound book
Freak show or sanctuary?

It's all a matter of perspective
when you're at Carnival.

Carnival offers a glimpse of abnormal and unnatural things most genteel folk never talk about, much less see. This carnival is not a simple sideshow, though, and its performers are far more than freaks on display. Carnival is a wandering haven for those who have no place else to go - including adventurers who made enemies of the wrong people. Under the protection of the mysterious mistress Isolde, it offers refuge to those rejected by the world. Outcasts and lost souls of all kinds can find solace here, and sometimes even a second chance at life...but nothing at Carnival comes without a price.

This accessory draws back the curtain on dark secrets that will enrich any AD&D campaign with a touch of the bizarre and horrific. Included are over a dozen richly detailed nonplayer characters, details on "the price" that Carnival exacts from those who travel with it, and story seeds to lure unsuspecting heroes into a web of mystery and trickery.

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