Item Code: #9559
Title: Champions of the Mists
Type: Accessory
Author: William W. Connors
Published: 1998
Format: 64-page book
Even in the darkest night,
When all hope seems lost,
True heroes shine brightly.

Designed for use by Dungeon Masters and players alike, Champions of the Mists greatly expands upon the role of heroes on the Demiplane of Dread. Inside are many exciting new options:

More than a dozen new character kits (such as guardians, Knights of the Shadows, and psychics) designed to give new and existing Ravenloft heroes a flavor all their own.
Complete game statistics for many characters from the RAVENLOFT novels, including Larissa Snowman (Dance of the Dead), Ivan Dragonov (Mordheim), and Brother Dominic (Tapestry of Dark Souls).
Roleplaying guidelines and tips to make Ravenloft characters different from their counterparts in other ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS campaign settings.
Long-awaited game statistics and biographical information about some of the land's greatest heroes, including Alanik Ray, George Weathermay, and the land's greatest Avenger, Gondegal of the Circle.
Rules for using firearms in the Land of the Mists.

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