Item Code: #2174
Title: Domains of Dread
Type: Campaign Setting
Author: William W. Connors & Steve Miller
Published: 1997
Format: 288-page hardback book
Night is Falling. The Mists are Rising
Embrace the Darkness.

Enter the dark and macabre world of Ravenloft.
But beware -
once you begin to walk among the mists and shadows,
you can never leave.

Domains of Dread is the core rulebook for the second edition of the award-winning RAVENLOFT campaign setting - the original fantasy horror role-playing game. Within the pages of this book, players and Dungeon Masters will discover the darkest secrets of the Land of the Mists, including many never-before-seen features:

Detailed guidelines on designing anything from short-term horror adventures to long-running campaigns of twisted terror.

Complete rules for generating player characters native to the Demiplane of Dread.

Four new character classes specifically designed for use in RAVENLOFT campaigns - the avenger, the anchorite, the gypsy, and the arcanist!

An all-new player character race - the half-Vistani!

Updated and expanded descriptions of the Demiplane and the foul lords who rule its tortured domains!

Revised fear, horror, and madness checks to enhance the terror.

New rules for power checks, plus thirteen detailed steps that lead from grace to absolute corruption!

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