Item Code: #9537
Title: The Forgotten Terror
Type: Adventure
Author: William W. Connors
Published: 1997
Format: 64-page book w/cover
A knife flashes in the darkness. You never see the face
of your attacker. The adventure begins.

Their spirits trapped by a cursed magical weapon, the heroes find themselves imprisoned on the surreal domain of Aggarath. Here, they must explore the mind of Chardath Spulzeer, the isane lord of the realm. Somewhere in his shattered dreams and tormented memories lie secrets that may enable the adventurers to escape.

The Forgotten Terror
is a new adventure for the RAVENLOFT campaign setting. It can be played as a stand-alone scenario or as a sequel to events depicted in the FORGOTTEN REALMS adventure Castle Spulzeer. The unique nature of this domain and scenario makes The Forgotten Terror easy for the Dungeon Master to run without forcing players through a linear plot. Alternate endings allow the DM to link this adventure to Ravenloft, the Realms, or any other campaign world.

For 4 to 6 characters of levels 10-12.

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