Item Code: #9298 (RA1)
Title: Feast of Goblyns
Type: Advenutre
Author: Blake Mobley
Published: 1990
Format: 96-page book w/tri-fold cardstock cover, outer cover, fold-out map, fold-out poster
Beware the Mists of Ravenloft, for they will envelop you in terror!

In Feast of Goblyns, a party of adventurers is mysteriously transported from the lands they know to a dark and dangerous demiplane known as Ravenloft. Trapped in this realm of terror, they must use all their skills to escape the manipulations of one of Ravenloft's most powerful lords as they attempt to seek out the accursed Crown of Soldiers. If all goes well, they just might live long enough to escape this dread land and return to their homes.

The first module supporting the new RAVENLOFT Boxed Set, Feast of Goblyns includes:

A full 96 pages of gripping adventure set in the dark domains of Ravenloft.

A special AD&D game character record sheet designed especially for Ravenloft campaigns.

An invaluable addition to the AD&D Dungeon Master's Screen that incorporates all the most vital information from the RAVENLOFT Boxed Set.

A full color poster by one of TSR's most popular artists, Clyde Caldwell.

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