Item Code: #9476
Title: When Black Roses Bloom
Type: Adventure
Author: Lisa Smedman
Published: 1995
Format: 64-page book w/cover, fold-out map (Nedragaard Keep)
The nightbound realm of Sithicus is dying! The grey forested crags scarred by jagged rifts echo with the laments of the dying elven nation. But the lord of the land sits uncaring on his blackened throne in the charred castle of Negragaard, lost in ancient memories.

Through his passion and hatred the nightmare haunted death knight, Lord Soth, permitted catastrophe to befall his native world of Krynn. Now trapped in the Realm of Terror, Soth has once more brough calamity to his home. Abandoning rule of his twisted realm of Sithicus, Lord Soth has retreated to a still more distorted domain: the mad fantasies of his own history.

To save the land and themselves, the heroes must venture into banshee-haunted Nedragaard Keep, and there into the warped mindscapes of a tormented darklord.

The history of the greatest villain of the DragonLance Saga is at last revealed in the Realm of Terror. For fans of DRAGONLANCE and RAVENLOFT adventures alike.

This grand adventure is suited for four to six player characters of levels 4-6. No prior knowledge of Krynn or the DRAGONLANCE Saga is necessary.

You must have the RAVENLOFT boxed campaign set to use this adventure.

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