Item Code: #9313 (SJR3)
Title: Dungeon Master's Screen
Type: Accessory
Published: 1991
Format: Tri-fold cardstock screen w/paper cover, 8 pages of cardstock fold-up ships (44 ships total)
This all new AD&D Dungeon Master's Screen has been designed for use with the SPELLJAMMER campaign system. From basic combat tables to planetary statistics, the screen provides all the special tables needed to smoothly run an AD&D space campaign, placing them immediately within the DM's reach.
In addition to the useful tables, the screen gives you:

combat statistics for your favorite ships from Lost Ships and the SPELLJAMMER campaign adventures!

a 3-panel panoramic painting depicting an epic battle in wildspace

full color three-dimensional fold-ups of space-faring ships suitable for use in ship-to-ship combat

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