Item Code: #1145
Title: The Rod of Seven Parts
Type: Adventure
Author: Skip Williams
Published: 1996
Contents: See below
Stirrings of an ageless war between
Law and Chaos are drawing you into an epic adventure!

A Struggle More Savage than Good vs. Evil

Imagine a time before the words Good and Evil had meaning, a day when the world was young. Discover an ancient conflict that predates the stars. It was in these days that Law and Chaos forged worlds out of nothingness; their war began while the cosmos was yet unfinished.

The Rod of Seven Parts defines epic role-playing. The reappearance of the Rod has awakened the powers of Chaos, and their queen seeks to turn the whole world into a battleground. Bold heroes must undertake the enormous task of seeking out and assembling the pieces of the Rod, but even its power cannot stand alone. Ages ago, primal forces of Law stood fast against Chaos; now their champions must once more confront the Queen of Chaos and her foul spyder-fiends, lest the flame of civilization be extinguished.

Follow the quest for the capricious Rod as it leads characters on a journey of high fantasy. The Rod of Seven Parts is designed for four to six heroes and heroines of levels 10 to 12.

This boxed set includes:

  • Initiation to Power, a 96-page book of grand adventure playable in any AD&D world, including original campaigns;
  • The War Against Chaos, a 64-page book of world-crossing adventures pitting PCs toe to toe against the minions of Chaos;
  • Might and Menace, a 32-page book detailing the mysterious powers of the Rod of Seven Parts: how it affects both its enemies and its friends;
  • Monsters, a 16-page book of new villains, new monsters, and even a new race!
  • 6 two-sided reference cards;
  • 6 full-color poster maps portraying the key locations heroes can visit.

Read about this ancient artifact in the epic novel The Rod of Seven Parts by best-selling author Douglas Niles!

Piece CodeTitle/DescriptionFormat
1145XXX1901Initiation to Power96-page book
1145XXX1902The War Against Chaos64-page book
1145XXX1903Might and Menace32-page book
1145XXX1504Monsters16-page book (no cover)
1145XXX0601Spelunking8.5" x 10.75" cardstock page
1145XXX0602Uninvited Guests8.5" x 10.75" cardstock page
1145XXX0603The Forgotten Temple8.5" x 10.75" cardstock page
1145XXX0604The Citadel of Chaos8.5" x 10.75" cardstock page
1145XXX0605Uninvited Guests8.5" x 10.75" cardstock page
1145XXX0606Spelunking8.5" x 10.75" cardstock page
1145XXX0701Night Raiders / At the Sign of the Golden Cockatrice
Giant's Castle
21" x 31.5" double-sided poster map
1145XXX0702Caravan Serai / The Temple
Tactical Maps D1-D6
21" x 31.5" double-sided poster map
1145XXX0703Tactical Maps F1-F5
Citadel of Chaos / Queen's Throne Room
21" x 31.5" double-sided poster map

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