Title: Basic Rules
Type: Core Rulebook
Author: Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson
Published: 1986
Format: 272-page perfect-bound book
The Adventure is here...

In a world of your imagination, where anything and everything could happen... Where your skill and courage can be legendary... Where you and your friends are heroes...

Inside this book are the rules of a game unlike any other. The DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game - the most popular fantasy role playing game in the world.

A game of warriors and wizards, monsters and magic, adventure and excitement.

This amazing book is much more than a single game book - the D&D game is already played by hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts. You can have literally hundreds of hours of enjoyment - a fascinating hobby - just from this one book.

And all you need to enter the exciting world of the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game are paper, pencils, some special dice from a games hobby shop, and this book.

The rest is up to you and your imagination...

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